certified Somatica practitioner 

sex and relationship coach


individual sessions… awakening the world of the senses

Whether you are in a romantic partnership or you are navigating the rich territory of single life, your individual seventy-five minute session with me will consistently incorporate an approach built out of vulnerability, mindfulness and compassion all focussed in the realm of embodiment, sexuality and relationship. As with traditional therapy the session will integrate aspects of verbal sharing, but as a certified Somatica practitioner and Sex and Relationship Coach, each session will encompass experiential practices as well. Gaining access to the tools that allow us to embody the kind of lives and relationships that are ignited by arousal is a paradigm that can often be buried when we get too comfortable or static. Imagine being able to live the kind of inspiration and connection to yourself and to those around you, that compels you to be more creative, more curious and more excited about life, sex and intimacy. Most of my sessions are done in person in my work studio. When that is not possible you can book a long distance session or inquire about an in home session in your area, as well.

Here’s some of what you’ll get to experience during a Somatica session with me:

  • Incorporate breathing practices that bring a deeper awareness about how to fully live in your body and your sensuality.

  • Explore what works and doesn’t work for you in terms of touch and how to express it.

  • Enhance your ability to spot where shame may be limiting your full self-expression.

  • Explore the role that fantasy plays in sensuality and identify your core erotic theme to enhance your pleasure and potentially heal old wounds.

  • Identify how to recognize more clearly your boundaries and express them.

  • Become more playful and flirtatious in the bedroom and in life.

  • Cultivate the confidence to ask for what you want, not just in the bedroom, but also in life.

  • Expand the menu of what compels you sexually.

  • Learn exercises that build your vocabulary with eroticism not just through words, but also through action and confidence.

  • Choose to be bold about collaborating on the direction you’d like your relationships to go, enhancing not just your sex life and intimacy but also your experience of yourself as a sexual being.

My training

I began my training before becoming a Sex and Relationship Coach, as a Life Coach in 2014 in San Francisco, California. My certification included training in Narrative Therapy, Authentic Movement, re-parenting techniques, various somatic approaches, deconstructing limiting beliefs, and overcoming aspects of oppression in regards to race, gender and social identity. Outside of the training, I had over fifty hours of monitored counseling sessions. After becoming certified, I also attended an advanced training specifically focused on love

After growing my practice as a Life Coach, I decided to expand my education through studying the Somatica Method.  The Somatica Institute was a life changing program. There are three key attitudes incorporated into the practice of Somatica; vulnerability, mindfulness and compassion. From that strong base, there are three key realms that the Somatica Method moves dynamically through; embodiment, sexuality and relationship. Becoming a Intimacy and Relationship Coach has been a natural and exciting progression personally and professionally, profoundly impacting both my life and my practice.  I was also part of the team at the Somatica Institute in the Bay area, that trains students to become practitioners in 2017 and 2018. Being a part of the faculty has greatly enhanced my life professionally and personally. https://www.somaticainstitute.com/somatica-faculty/.    

Jaime is an incredibly intuitive healer who listens to that intuition and acts upon it. She does so with great ease and uses her strong communication skills to check in and ensure we are moving in the right direction. She is a strongly empathic person who is one of the most heart centered people I have ever encountered. After each session, I walk away enveloped in a blanket of love and support, yet also with ideas about how I might make important changes in the way I interact with and interpret myself and the world. One of the most valuable qualities of her healing is that she works from a place of love and humility.
— C. Smith