Have you ever taken a group photo where the photographer goes down the list of favourable prompts, “smile everyone…okay, a crazy look…now, everyone put on your sexy look”?  There is a picture I will spare you from seeing because my devastating attempt to “look sexy” is alarming.  Luckily I wasn’t alone.  One of my best friends had a similar take on sexy. In a few words, it was potentially the way we bent over as if picking up a heavy bag of cow manure or the look on our faces that was somewhere between pained and as if we had just eaten something really bad.  We gave sexy a confusing hilarity.   


Years later it is my pleasure to say that I have a new view of what sexy is.  As a Counselor working with individuals and couples over the last two years, I have been moved by the way in which deconstructing our approach to doing life “the right way”, allows us to live life more authentically connected.  I have learned similarly that trying to look sexy is the last thing that is sexy. Sexy is being your true self.  Sexy is unapologetically inhabiting your body in a way that permeates the room with a “Yes!".  For some of us, this takes some intentional work.  We have been trained that we are not enough as we are.  We suffer through comparison.  We look for connection in relationships without knowing fully how to be generously compassionate with ourselves.  We believe the countless messages that we have heard from the time we were born about what it means to be a man or to be a woman and ultimately we can end up feeling isolated as a result.  


So here’s my plan to storm the world in a way that can literally change our experience of life.  I’ve added a modality to my tool-box called the Somatica Method.  As a certified Sex and Relationship Coach I’m excited to share with you not only the way in which Somatica has changed my approach to inhabiting this one beautiful body, but also to the vast possibilities we can experience in the realm of intimacy. On Friday, January 6th at 6 o’clock in the evening, come find out what Somatica has to offer you.  Come if you are single or come with your partner.  My approach as a Counselor and Sex and Relationship Coach is one that encourages making great relationships even better.  I don’t believe that you have to have a problem to explore this realm.  Imagine being supported in experiencing the kind of vitality, playfulness and connection you believe is possible.  Sometimes we hit road blocks as well.  If you’re moving through difficult territory that you need some support in traversing, now is the time and I’m up for moving through that with you as well.  So come find out how I work.  The evening is a free event.  It will be fun, it will be experiential and it will be a great way to spend a Friday night with some really exceptional people.  Come also to find out about the two workshop opportunities that will begin in January.  

For Women:

Uncovering the Erotic

Integrating the Art of Sensation into Everyday Experiences


Or if you’re partnered, build community to support your profound relationship:

Living Powerfully with your Partner in the World


Click on headings for all of the details about both workshops.


Private message me through Facebook or email at so that I can give you the location of the event.  I am also available if you have questions about the free event on the 6th or you’d like to privately discuss what the workshops entail at (530)559-2944.

Or RSVP below for the free intro event below to find out more details about all of the exciting opportunities.