schedule an immersion series and a romantic vacation

If you are wanting to dive deeply in a short amount of time, consider scheduling an immersion series held in a beautiful cottage in Nevada City, CA. Your Sex and Relationship sessions will be crafted over your two day stay to include ten hours of a focussed, playful, experiential work with Jaime, Certified Sex and Relationship Coach. Doing this work in the unique setting of a beautiful cottage called the Shala, will give you the opportunity to not only revive through rest but to heighten your exploration of your inner territory as well.

Intimacy, in all of the forms that it comes in, allows us to bump up against our ability to become more of ourselves in the midst of love, passion, sensuality and commitment. That is not always easy and learning to be both individuated in ourselves and connected in relationship in such a way that we heighten our capacity to have what we want, is a skill that takes care and intention and most of all compassion. Jaime has been working in this luscious territory with individuals, couples and groups since 2014 and as a Certified Somatica Practitioner, values the vital ground of healing and liberation through self discovery in our sexual, sensual and intimate lives.

Some of the possibilities of focus:

• Learn how to be more attuned to your partners needs and clarify your own

• Understand the benefit of conscious repair conversations, sometimes even a form of foreplay

• Cultivate a deeper understanding of what turns you on and how to connect around differing desires

• Heighten your connection to your own desire and communicating what you want and don’t want

• Expand the menu of romantic, passionate, sensual possibilities in your relationship

• Enhance your ability to stay connected with your no and yes in intimacy

• Navigate the territory of expressing feelings more fully with one another

• Undermine patterns that have not been in service of your relationship

• Learn new ways to create balance in individuating and connection in the midst of triggers

Located seven miles between Nevada City and Grass Valley, your stay will be in an artistic cottage nestled on the ten acre property with blue and black oak trees and enchanted manzanita outcroppings. Light cascades through the diversely shaped windows on each side of the cottage. In the winter the heat source is a propane fueled wood stove and in the summer there is an outdoor sleeping platform surrounded by lacy netting for stargazing and resting into the rhythm of the natural world. And for cooler nights, there is a nook bedroom with a queen size bed perched on a captains platform. The cottage also has a cozy kitchen with a vintage Wedgewood stove, a small fridge and freezer, and all of the cutlery and plates and bowls needed to create nourishing and romantic meals. The bedroom, bathroom and kitchen have stained concrete mimicking turquoise and leather. The bathroom shower has a beautiful manzanita border and stone accents. The location of the cottage is a three mile walk from a locals favorite swimming hole at the yuba river or an easy drive to many favorite spots accessible by car.

Begin the process by going the book now and Jaime will set up your complimentary fifteen minute consultation to understand the direction you’d like to go in support of having the kind of intimacy and relationship you desire. Please leave Jaime two to three dates that you would prefer for your two day stay in the message portion of the form.