•a four part adventure for your relationship•

•heighten your passion and bring your relationship to the next level•

Imagine the possibility of creating the kind of romantic relationship that not only was filled with play and passion, but also was profoundly impactful in the world.  Build community over two months with five other couples who want to clarify, nourish, revive and renew their relationships with the intention to build love, passion, understanding and support around having inspiring partnerships.   

You can either bring together couples with whom you have already created sustaining relationships, or you can be placed with other couples that you will grow to know over the two month journey.  

at the completion of the series each couple will:

  • cultivate a deeper connection with your partner through four ninety-minute counseling sessions for the duration of the series;

  • uncover what aspects of the relationship are serving the partnership and which behaviors, attitudes and patterns are no longer feeding the vitality of your partnership;

  • awaken the passion in your lives as a couple and as individuals;

  • discover more intimately what the purpose of your relationship is;

  • create agreements that will support you individually and as a couple;

  • meet four times as a group to support one another as couples, become allies for one another and become curious and excited once again about those aspects of your partnership that may have fallen into the background of busy lives.

  • manifest a powerful and profound commitment to what you are creating as individuals and as a couple in the world.

what you can expect as you work with me

I am playful, direct, compassionate and extremely excited to help you find ways to create a passionate and vital relationship.  My approach as a Counselor and Sex and Relationship Coach is a commitment to following the path of deepest curiosity as your ally in the realm of profound connection and intimacy.  While sessions may be focused around talk, they also encompass practices that enhance connection with the body (fully clothed); relaxation through breath, identifying sensations in the body by exploring the emotions we may be resisting and many other experiential practices that allow the collaboration to move towards re-aligning with our enlivened selves.      

Though I have studied a substantial amount of research developed over years by well renowned Counselors, Therapists and Psychologists, I am most excited by the way in which healing occurs in surprising ways; acceptance, forgiveness, love, grieving, laughter, desire and so many other aspects of the human experience, that when given authentic presence, can move mountains in us.

registration details for each couple

Time Commitment:  Four  ninety minute private sessions as a couple, four two hour group sessions, and weekly guided prompts and a partnered support created to help you with your intention over a period of two months. 

Group Meetings from six thirty to eight thirty: Mondays October 14th, October 28th, November 11th and November 25th

Cost: $700 per couple for the entire series: includes four private sessions for your partnership and eight hours of collaborative sessions with the other couples in the group lead by Jaime over the duration of the series.

• four - 90 minutes private couples counseling session with Jaime

• four - 2 hour group gathering, facilitated by Jaime to collaborate with other members in the group and explore how to deepen your partnership in the supportive realm of community.                                        

• playful, thought provoking and intentional prompts to bring home for exploration as a couple throughout the series.

Location for Couples Session:  
970 East Main Street, Grass Valley Suite 104

Location for Couples Group Gathering:  
To be announced; facilitated by Jaime

You can register by pushing the RSVP button.  For more information call Jaime at (530) 559-2944 or email her at [email protected]

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jaime during this last couples series and have signed up for the next. She offered many useful tools and created experiences that helped to shift aspects of my relationship that I wanted to change, along with some that I wasn’t even aware of before working together. I appreciate her honed abilities in clear communication, honesty and integrity, and her genuine desire to bring people closer together. I’ve recommended her to close friends and if needed, will likely reach out again for support in the future.
— Zeb Sweesy