multiple approach counseling for individuals, couples and groups.



a varied approach

Each session has aspects of traditional counseling, but my approach is one in which I tend to follow the path of deepest curiosity. While one session may be primarily focused around talk, more often than not the sessions encompass breathing, somatic attention and many other approaches that have been developed over years of research by well renowned Counselors, Therapists and Psychologists. Intuition and love are essential resources in my practice, tools that allow each session to delve into areas in our lives that have felt like limitations, but can be doorways to liberation. 

who i work with

I work with couples (traditional and non-traditional alike), individuals of all ages, and with groups. I also offer pre-marital or commitment ceremony counseling and am a certified Universalist Minister: I delight in bringing the depth and playfulness that I embody in the counseling sessions to ceremony!

my training

I began my training as a Counselor in 2014, from a program called Interchange Counseling Institute in San Francisco, California. I have been so grateful, not only for all that it has added to my healing arts practice, but equally and with such pleasure, to my life.

My certification included training in Narrative Therapy, Authentic Movement, re-parenting techniques, various somatic approaches, deconstructing limiting beliefs, and overcoming aspects of oppression in regards to race, gender and social identity. Outside of the training, I had over fifty hours of monitored counseling sessions. After becoming certified, I also attended an advanced training specifically focused on love

counseling sessions

$70 - sixty minute session
$100 - ninety minute session (inquire about long distance phone sessions and in home counseling sessions)

couples counseling

$100 - ninety minute sessions


transform the following:

  • unhealthy patterns
  • limitation from memories
  • blocked emotion
  • lack of vitality
  • love of self
  • clarify purpose
  • and much more