bodytalk™ therapy brings your body gently back into its natural individual balance.



Why BodyTalk?

I've been a Certified BodyTalk™ practitioner for twelve years. Wether you are dealing with chronic health issues, work-related issues, sports injuriesor the profound, beautiful and sometimes exhausting places that your body carries you through in life—BodyTalk is a system that approaches healing through exploring the underlying cause of illness and imbalance. 

How it works

The BodyTalk system gains wisdom from various well-known ancient and modern pathways towards health such as Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, consciousness studies and Energy Psychology and combines them into a dynamic system that gives the body access to its own wisdom.  Though it is not diagnostic tool, it reveals areas of the body, mind and emotional presence that inhibit healing and helps to restore the bodies ability to heal itself. 

Through applied kinesiology, or muscle testing, I ask a series of questions that follow an intricate protocol to help identify areas of the body that are imbalanced. Along with healing, this modality gives the client a unique window into patterns, memories, stored emotion, illness, muscular-skeletal issues, chakra balancing and many other dynamics in the body that may be in the way of optimum health.

BodyTalk is a system that works well both on its own and in collaboration with traditional forms of Western Medicine.  Each session run between thirty to forty-five minutes and are done fully clothed.  The sessions are overall relaxing and restorative and if deep emotions or sensations do arise, they tend to come akin to a tide moving through you with gentle yet powerful progression, receding with subtle and profound relief.   

Introductory Session

one hour session

Continued session

30 to 45 minute session


access + heal the following:

  • patterns
  • memories
  • stored emotion
  • illness
  • muscular-skeletal issues
  • chakra balancing
  • and much more