Jaime became a Certified Life Coach in 2014. Her certification included training in Narrative Therapy, Authentic Movement, re-parenting techniques, various somatic approaches, deconstructing limiting beliefs, and overcoming aspects of oppression in regards to race, gender and social identity, including over fifty hours of monitored counseling sessions. After her certification in Life Coach Counseling, she attended an advanced training specifically focused on love. In 2016 she attended the Somatica Institute and became a certified Somatica practitioner. Being a Sex and Relationship Coach has added an incredible dimension to her work as a Life Coach Counselor both in individual and couples settings as well as with her curriculum with groups.  In 2017 she was asked to join the faculty team and became a core group leader for the 2017 training https://www.somaticainstitute.com/somatica-faculty/. In addition to being a Sex and Relationship Coach, Jaime has been a Certified Massage Therapist for over 15 years and BodyTalk Practitioner for the last 12 years.

She values ongoing transformational work in her own life and has grown immensely through both the difficult and profound dynamics that can arise in life, consistently humbled and grateful for all that we can learn as we engage with all that life has to offer.  She approaches the healing arts as she does her life, with a willingness to embrace the possibility that deep healing, reconnection with the beauty of life and intimate connection to both ourselves and others can be only one breath away.  

Prior to practicing the healing arts, Jaime worked in the social service sector in San Francisco creating supportive programs involving the arts in homeless family shelters. There, she also trained volunteers to create weekly connections with children and parents who were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, to bring a deeper sense of community and support in the midst of intense challenges. Her work within diverse family structures has enhanced her desire to build a connection to the outer world by encouraging practices in our individual lives that set in motion the kind of generous compassion towards the self that will ultimately allow us to extend genuine healing to those around us with minds and hearts of curiosity and love.

Her private practice is built out of a wealth of love.  She has three beautiful children who are her biggest teachers and of whom she is so proud and has immense gratitude for the family, friends, community and partnerships that have caused her to know the reverberant affects of love.