Cultivating the ability to navigate your desires with more clarity, more pleasure and more nourished presence is an essential focal point of the experience in sessions with Jaime. Shame often gets in the way of owning your desires and can not only dilute authentic closeness but can also create harmful patterns in relationship. In this work, explore your unique roadmap towards having the kind of relationships that celebrate desire. To learn more individual work ›


Sensual and sexual relationships are not something we are supposed to know how to do. Uncovering what is in the way of intimacy takes a generous amount of compassion, curiosity and an honest gaze at the way you experience yourself in relationship. Having the kind of relationships that allow you to be more fully yourself and more lusciously connected in your essential experiences, is an exquisite part of this work. To learn more about couple’s work › 


To be cherished and to cherish, is rooted in understanding how to tend to your own needs and the needs of your beloved. In your work with Jaime you will be cultivating experiences that refine your ability to nourish love, to elevate respect and heighten passion. Leaning in to love takes courage, but is one of the greatest playgrounds to become more fully ourselves. Consider a deep dive into intimacy through immersion ›


Jaime Williams has been invested in transformational work for the better part of her life. She is a Certified Life Coach working with individuals and couples since 2014 and specializes as a Certified Sex & Relationship Coach.